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"Where Quality Is Always In Style"


Remember when...
Morgan show horses were sturdy and honest, with chiseled heads containing kind intelligent eyes; heads topped with little tipped-in ears; heads rising from muscular necks regally curving out of short backs?

Remember when...
        Morgan show horses had beautifully rounded croups driving powerful hocks and their naturally high tails flagged proudly from the Midwest to the Eastern National?

Remember when...
        The matchless names of Fleetwing, Reata Goddess, Deerfield Challenger, and Trophy were heard on the rail and in the barns?

For 60+ years we have "seen them come and seen them go". Wildly popular hybrid bloodlines disappear without a trace; only a few great families breed true and Ken-Mar Winston has been the worthy heir of Fleetwing and Trophy. He is the horse described above. We are honored to hold such a legacy in our hands.

We DO remember when...

Sire of Ken-Mar Winston
Black River Domino

Forward into the light of the past

Click here for video of Winston's ancestors.

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
Old Is New Again


Click here for pedigree

UVM Lancer
UVM Flash x UVM Empress


Click here for pedigree

R'surene Apollo
UVM Lancer x R'surene Majesty


Click here for pedigree

Rapidan Fleetwing
Black River Pegasus x Thornhollow Rapidana


Ken-Mar Winston
Black River Domino x Ken-Mar Hollywood Hi

Click here for Winston's pedigree.




The Future Lies in the Past