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KEN-MAR WINSTON, January 2013


The Promise Fulfilled

   We purchased Ken-Mar Winston in hopes that his pedigree would return us to the days of old when Morgan horses had beautiful heads,small tipped-in ears, large flat cannon bones, large quiet eyes, a clean throat latch, and a beautifully hinged poll and high natural action so desired in today's show and sport horses. What we were hopeful for and what Winston's pedigree promised, was size, heart, intelligence, long-lived, and the famous Morgan work ethic. All these attributes and more have reached fulfillment in Winston's foals.We now present these Winston get with pride.




   All Winston children want to get to know their person before going to their new home. Some prospective buyers spend a week, some spend three to four days. This is to make sure that the horse and new owner definitely mesh as Winstons are one person horses. They are companions and combined with their superb intellect they are stable, loyal, and loving.

   During your stay at the farm prospective buyers ride a lesson horse before trying the one previously chosen. Winstons are very particular in that they want their new owner to be kind, understanding, and patient. Our Morgans are bred and trained for a lifetime of learning and loving.

   Above is a picture of Darlene Fountain riding R'surene Repartee. Darlene spent several weekends getting to know her new horse Hallawyss and the intimate training/knowledge that goes along with buying a Winston. When Darlene felt comfortable with her responsibilities, Hallie was delivered to Nashville where both she and Darlene learned new situations together.

   We at R'surene Morgan Farm pride ourselves on matching a Winston to its owner. If you have the time; if you have the passion; if you want your own horse then come to R'surene Morgan Farm and witness the bonding yourself.

Like the saying goes, the Winstons choose their owner, not the breeder or the trainer. Afterall, the Morgan Horse Chooses You. Come see where it really is true.

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
For Sale

Currently all our Winston get have been sold. We are expecting one foal out of our Funquest mare, "Gracie" in May. This foal as well as Gracie are for sale. Stay tuned.


R'surene Kassandra

(Ken-Mar Winston x R'surene Xena)

Kassandra has grown into a beautiful big bodied black mare who will mature around 15.3 h. Her rough time as a foal (see THE MIRACLE KIDS) has made her even more personable. Kassie loves people, comes when called, and she is voice command trained.  Kassie long lines and is ready to be saddle trained. Although she ground drives, Kassie has decided she does not wish to be a driving horse. She should do well with her solid substantial Morgan gaits for the hunter pleasure crowd.   




Click here for pedigree

Congratulations to Ms. Marcy Lilley, Marathon, New York on the purchase of this outstanding mare



R'surene Hypatia (Patty)

(Ken-Mar Winston x HVK Stillness) 

       Breeders of Morgan horses will tell you that a Morgan chooses its own path and Patty is no exception. Patty is a 15.0 h. true gaited horse. What we mean by that is Patty gaits both under harness and under saddle in a loose snaffle bridle. Like her mother, Patty has the perfect size and temperment for those ladies who find the trot too difficult to sit or ride for any length of time. Patty loves attention and will do anything to please her owner. She is pretty and royally bred. She is very well trained for the older lady who wants a companion, the wonderful Winston intellect and the true Morgan personality.




Congratulations to Missouri Morgans of Monroe, MO on the acquisition of this beautiful mare for their breeding program



The Future Lies in the Past