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R'surene Kantamos at three months of age


HVK Stillness, Summer 2016

Summer 2014


June 16, 2014

The Miracle Kids

September 8, 2014

Click here for the fascinating story of these two special foals and their "mom".

Foals with Alyssa Whitehead (BamBam's owner)

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
Our Mares

Last Issue of Rapidan Fleetwing

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R'surene Carasu

(Rapidan Fleetwing x R'surene Titania)

Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Champion

Undefeated Sport Horse Suitability

Undeafeated In-Hand

Grand Champion Mare

Dam of R'surene Kantamos (2014 colt by MEM Bailamos) and R'surene Paladin


Retired due to knee injury


Presented with a Classic Pleasure Shoe


Click here for extended pedigree.

HVK Stillness

(HVK Bellweather x R'surene Fiona)

One of only six Bellweather (full brother to HVK Bell Flaire) foals

Dam of R'surene Hypatia




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Bluegrass Firefly

(Funquest Sharpwing x Fox Brush Debut)

100% Funquest breeding  



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Bluegrass Litnin' Bug

(Funquest Sharpwing x Fox Brush Debut)

100% Funquest breeding 

Dam of R'surene Narcissa and R'surene Prince of Hearts


A Promise Made, A Promise Kept 
In February, 1985, Jim Anderson called and offered us a chance to place the very best of our breeding program at the prestigious East Coast Invitational Sale selling the top twenty-five young horses in the country. Unquestionably, our best was R'surene Fiona, the last offspring of UVM Marlene and our old foundation sire UVM Lancer.
I was reluctant to let Fiona go because I knew that I would never have another. However, to have our farm at this sale meant a lot to the family and our breeding program. With heavy heart Fiona was shipped to Bernard Parker to get ready for the sale.
 When Fiona went for one of the lowest prices I was devasted. After the sale Bernard introduced me to her new owner. Both promised me that Fiona would be bred to the best stallions available on the East Coast, something I could not afford being a college student at the time.
The call home to the family was gut-wrenching. We had hoped that her proceeds would be high enough to pay for Chris' last semester in law school. "Come home", my husband said. "I promise I will buy one of her daughters for you".
The gavel fell in Chris' direction at the 2009 Cochran Auction; the promise Chris made so long ago has been kept.
Welcome home Stillness, daughter of Fiona  


HVK Stillness

Classic In-Hand Champion (Undefeated)

Reserve Grand Champion Mare (Morab Nationals 2012)

Pleasure Driving Champion, Blue Ridge Classic, 7/24/2012



The Future is in the Past