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Sue with HVK Stillness


Second Drive with HVK Stillness

Golden Gait, winter training facility


Sue and Fred at winter training facility


All Our Horses:
  • Respond to basic voice and hand commands
  • Load quietly
  • Lead properly
  • Crosstie and tie
  • Are regularly bathed and clipped 
  • Are taught to pick up feet
  • Longe both ways quietly and correctly
  • Trained to appropriate level 
  •  Handled daily
  • and above all...Loved Kiss

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
Meet the Trainer

Sue Nerland

Fred & Sue

   Sue began training neighbors' horses as well as her own at age eight. At age 14 she spent a year studying with Dr. H.L.M. van Schaik,a well known dressage trainer and instructor. On Dr. van Schaik's recommendation, Sue was accepted into the Horsemaster's (B.H.S.A.I.) program at Porlock Vale Riding Academy in England. After graduation, she returned to train horses, give balance seat riding lessons, and attend college. She eventually moved to Kansas where she became one of the founders of the American Dressage Federation.
   From 1993-2002 Sue and her husband Chris owned and managed Walnut Hill Equestrian Centre, located in Rogersville, MO. Sue became a recognized equitation instructor and produced many equitation championship riders including three World Championships garnered in 1998,1999, and 2001.
  For seven months beginning November 1998, an assistant to Tom Caisse(Kohler Stables) was hired to teach Sue how to train a horse to drive for the Class A pleasure driving classes. Since that time, Sue has trained many horses using this method. The thirteen year old mare HVK Stillness was broke to drive by Sue when the mare was eleven. Currently Sue is galloping Kantamos over the 600 acre field to ready him for saddle training in 2019.
  In December 2001 Sue was diagnosed with advanced COPD. Immediately most of the horses were sold and the lesson horses were given away. Sue became CEO of the family business upon the death of her father and Chris tried to keep the farm going. In 2004 Sue had a total knee replacement and gall bladder surgery and in 2011 had more knee surgery; it was thought she would never train or ride again. A broken right wrist in 2016 has slowed her down some but she still manages to train around two horses a day: the classic pleasure driving stallion R'surene Kantamos and her carriage horse R'surenes Harlequin.
    Sue has beaten the odds; she is now back to training and showing the farm's horses. Now in full retirement Sue has devoted her last years to training and riding her beloved Morgan horses and being the three state transport liason for Carolina Poodle Rescue, Pacolet, SC.

Winston's children love to be sung to, here is just an example.

R'surene Carasu
Southern States Regional 2011

Sue's first and last ride on this exceptional mare. Two weeks before Nationals, Carasu sustained a knee injury thereby abruptly ending her stellar show career. We were told that given Carasu's broken knee she had only one shot to carry a foal to term. Sue chose the two time World Hunter Pleasure Champion MEM Bailamos. Carasu had a tough time with her pregnancy but she safely delivered a brown colt which Sue has named R'surene Kantamos aka BB.

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R'surene Kantamos aka BB was trained by Sue and sent to be finished and shown with Ken Swanson. After only 90 days, BB entered his first show at Southern States Regional where he proved that an amateur can successfully start a young horse and enter the big time without much professional finishing. BB has only just begun.



R'surene Kantamos did it again, this time with Sue at the lines. The Blue Ridge Classic  2017 was the first time the two had shown together. It was a fantastic show with BB placing first in Junior Classic Pleasure Driving and then placing 3rd out of a large (10 horse) class in the Classic Pleasure Driving Championship. 


BB is starting the 2018 show season with a fantastic showing at the Dixie Cup in Atlanta. BB placed first in hand with Chris showing him and first in the open classic pleasure driving and the classic pleasure driving championship with Sue. Many ask, how do you train a competitive show horse? Answer?Driving up and down the corn rows.


BB is now goaded and in training with Stan Bodnar. He will be shown at this year's Grand National and is for sale.



The Future Lies in the Past