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R'surene Ganymede aka Buster

   We are proud to be the caretakers of this special breed. Be a Morgan horse owner today.

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
Other Links

Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Association
    The Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Association was disbanded in March 2013.


American Morgan Horse Association
   R'surene Morgan Farm has been a member since 1957. Along with the purchase of her first Morgan horse, Talisman (Beauty), her parents gifted Sue a membership in the national Morgan horse club as well as a "life-long" subscription to the Morgan Horse Magazine. The Nerlands have advertised in the breed magazine off and on for many years. R'surene Morgan Farm is one of the oldest recognized registered Morgan horse farms in the United States.
   For those of you interested in learning more about this wonderful breed as well as registered Morgans for sale through out North America, please click on the link below.

Click here to access the national Morgan horse web-site.



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