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Ken-Mar Winston



R'surene Hypatia



R'surene First Date

Ken-Mar Winston x R'surene Titania

Owned by Lorraine Van Luven, North Syracuse, NY


R'surene Ganymede
Ken-Mar Winston x Nantons Bahama Mama
Owned by the Terry Green family of Harvest, Alabama


R'surene Kassandra

(Ken-Mar Winston x R'surene Xena)


Owned by Ms. Marcy Lilley, Marathon, New York 

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
Beauty and Intelligence

Picture taken January 2013

    A long time ago, I was told that a Morgan's head was not his best or most important feature, the action was. "One does not ride the head" I was told. What the trainer forgot to remember is that it is the head that greets you every day; it is the head that wears a western bridle so beautifully; it is the head that carriage judges first notice when approaching; and it is the head that people most remember when looking to purchase a horse. Arabian breeders have dedicated their entire breed to the head.
  My search for a beautiful head on my foals was found in the signature of Ken-Mar Winston. Long known in Ohio as producing large foals with beautiful heads, I found it to be true when crossed with a variety of bloodlines. Yes, I DO RIDE THE HEAD. I see it when I ride, flexed with ears forward; I see it when I drive, elegantly going forward in the bridle; and I see it when I go out to the barn. I may not ride the head Mr. Trainer, but I sure do like a beautiful head to greet me each day.
   On Thanksgiving Day 2013 I went out to take pictures of Winston's children. The photos show that the children have the promised signature head. They also have Winston's signature hocks. "Motion" pictures can be seen throughout the web-site. Oh, yes, before I forget, that beautiful head contains an intelligence far beyond their years, a combination sought after in sport horses.

Hypatia and Harlequin



R'surene Hypatia
Ken-Mar Winston x HVK Stillness

Owned by Missouri Morgans,  Monroe, MO


R'surene's Harlequin

Ken-Mar Winston x Nemours Royal Starlet

 Sue Nerland's personal driving/riding horse 


R'surene Hallaywss

Ken-Mar Winston x R'surene Titania

Owned by Mrs. Darlene Fountain, Nashville, TN



The Future Lies in the Past