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R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
The UHCA Race

        Buster has come a long way. Just before we picked him up on June 28th we asked Matt to take him to a "horseshow". This event at Drexel, Missouri, on June 21, 2014 was not what we call a horse show but Matt felt it would do Buster good to show off his skills in competition with 93 other ranch horses including five world champions. Matt was thrilled that Buster never quit on a obstacle and we were pleased that he placed in the upper half of the horses entered. Buster gained a lot of respect at the event as this was the first Morgan horse ever introduced to this type of competition in Missouri. Whether Buster continues on this path remains to be seen; but no one can deny that he is a horse with spirit, stamina, intelligence, and endurance. He is truly a Morgan horse.

First time introduced to this obstacle, did not hesitate


Water hazard

Carrying water over narrow bridge

Buster at mailbox retrieving a letter

Congratulations to the Terry Green family of Harvest, Alabama on the purchase of this wonderful Morgan for their daughter Alayna.



The Future Lies in the Past