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   Every since she was five years old, Susan Dracy-Nerland wanted a horse. In 1957, Susan purchased a five year old Morgan mare with the money she made from sewing doll clothes and delivering newspapers. 

   In 1958 “Beauty” had a foal and R’surene Morgan Farm was born. Throughout the years the R’surene prefix (a combination of the first names of Art, Sue, and Irene Dracy) became known as producing quality breeding stock and as a top stallion station. Before the introduction of A.I. one had to travel to a breeding farm/stallion station in order to get a mare bred. R’surene Morgan Farm became the hub in the North Central area standing stallions with well-known Eastern bloodlines which had been imported by the Nerland family from top breeding farms such as Rapidan River Farm (Virginia) and UVM. Today, the descendents of these influential stallions can be seen on the pedigrees of horses throughout the Midwest.

   From 1979-1988, the farm placed full page ads in the breed magazine. As a result, the R’surene horses primarily became major contributors to already existing breeding programs. In 1986 an R’surene stallion could be found heading breeding farms in many of the continental states and in three Canadian provinces.

   In 1998, R’surene Morgan Farm began showing the farm’s horses under the Walnut Hill Equestrian Centre banner.  R’surene Orion won three world championships and R’surene Titania won a top four proving that an R’surene Morgan was more than just a pedigree. Rapidan Gallahad (farm breeding stallion) won or placed in numerous in hand championships both on the East Coast and the Grand National.

   In 2008 the farm took a new direction with the purchase of the Black River sport horse stallion Ken-Mar Winston.  Winston is a coal black stallion containing the close up blood of Fleetwing, Trophy, and Deerfield Challenger. When bred to our mares carrying the well-recognized lines of Waseeka Nocturne, Noble Flaire, UVM Flash, Waer’s Playboy, Chasley Superman, Figure's Defender, Jubilee King, Red Vermont, Congo and Micky Finn, he has produced a consistant product. The get are large, with beautiful heads, long hinged necks, exceptional hocks, intelligence, and a willingness to please. 


R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 62 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
In Continuous Operation Since 1957

Carolina Poodle Rescue Alumni

Sonny and Percy

Sonny, a standard poodle

Percy, a standard poodle

Jack, a standard poodle



Our other rescued dogs

Foxy, a mini pin

Rioco, a 6 pound Chihuahua



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