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Returning with ball


Blue Ridge Classic 2017


1st Junior Classic Pleasure Driving

Pleasure trot

3rd Classic Pleasure Driving Championship (10 in class)

Road trot


** Youngest Horse at show  ** Only stallion at show

** First time shown by owner 

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 61 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
R'surene Kantamos

September 14, 2014

R'surene Kantamos arrived on June 9, 2014. Sired by the two time World Hunter Pleasure Champion MEM Bailamos and out of the undefeated sport horse/hunter/in hand mare R'surene Carasu, "BB" as he is affectionally called, solidifies the best of both bloodlines. BB gets his beautiful head and springy trot from his sire and the conformation, size, and coloring of his dam.

BB arrived after a great deal of research. When Carasu broke her knee we were informed that she had a 50-50% chance of carrying a foal to term and she would probably have to be put down when the foal was weaned. With that in mind, we picked what we wanted for our one shot. That stallion proved to be a golden cross with Carasu. Carasu was overseen at the University of Tennessee Equine Hospital from insemination to actual foaling. For the last three weeks of her pregnancy she was in ICU to make sure that once she had the foal she could stand and allow him to nurse.

To the left are pictures of BB taken on September 9, 2014, his three month old birthday. Chris is teaching him to fetch a ball and I wanted to share those pictures here. Kantamos is special in every way and he has the Morgan personality in spades.

On February 15, 2017, BB was sent to Ken Swanson of Tara Farm, Raleigh, NC. to get qualified for the 2017 Grand National. BB exceeded everyone's expectations at Southern and at the Blue Ridge Classic. Since Tara Farm was not showing, we elected to bring BB home and condition him ourselves for the Grand National. Both Chris and I showed him; Chris in hand and myself in Classic Pleasure Driving. This was quite a feat for us oldies but we had always wanted to show an "R'surene" at the Grand National under our colors. We were officially Grand National bound! BB won his class with Chris showing in-hand. He took 4th with Sue in Classic Driving 3yr old and under followed by a top ten in the Junior Classic Pleasure Driving Championship.

Today BB is driving regularly on the 600 acres surrounding the farm. He is driven without blinkers and is voice command trained. Currently he is being readied for the 1918 Dixie Cup Show in Atlanta where once again he will be shown in hand and classic pleasure against much older horses.  

Here are the results 








1st stallions in hand


1st Open Classic Pleasure Driving


Classic Pleasure Driving Champion

June 23, 2018



Southern States Regional 2017


1st 3-4 year old stallions



3rd 3 yr. old Pleasure Driving

Only 90 days professional training 



The Future Lies in the Past