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More information on Winston is available. Ask for a complete packet including DVD today.




winston2.jpgIf you are interested in breeding to Winston, we will mail you a packet (breeding contract, pictures, DVD) or we can send you the above information via internet.


We're Moving!

Beginning June 2017, we will be moving back to southwestern Missouri and the town of Seymour located just 30 miles east of Springfield. As we are retiring to a small acrege on the edge of town, our stallion, Ken-Mar Winston will be gelded for CDE driving events. We are excited for Winston, who, at 18 years of age, deserves a rest. He will be where he has always wanted to be, in the show barn being worked along with the youngsters.We look forward to driving him into town and joining the Amish as they transverse the roads of SW Missouri. There wll be furthur updates as we start moving the horses and place the Tarr Plantation on the market.

R'surene Morgans at the Tarr Plantation CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF BREEDING MORGAN HORSES
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